It’s 2015! Feeling sick and tired of feeling sick and tired of my day job in education, life had become so dull. We were £20,000 in debt, our expenses were outweighing our income and it was depressing. After doing the bare minimum at work and clock-watching, I was passing my time watching YouTube videos of people living these phenomenal lives as digital nomads and wishing we could do the same. I called AJ and he said, “let’s do it then”.

“But don’t we want to have a baby” Surely you can’t traipse around the world with a baby in hand I thought of all the reasons why children must have a stable upbringing in the system created for them. I’d been conditioned well.

“We’ll do it with or without a baby!” AJ reassures me, he's so easygoing, we’ll make it work, he confirms! I trust my grounded and dependable husband, I finally trust that it will work out accordingly. We made a decision:

*Clear £20,000

*Save £15,000

*Increase our business income

*Leave the UK by 24th March 2018 (end of our tenancy) to live in as many countries as possible.

*Learn how to make money online

So have you decided the life you’d like to live yet?

This is the first step and you can be as bold and as free as you choose.

Don’t be ‘realistic’, don’t think about what is ‘likely’.

For the Gordon's, we believe in a life without limits or borders.

Want to be a billionaire? It’s possible.

Dreaming of becoming A NY Times bestseller? Sure, why not.

Want to do live in hotels for the next 30 years? Go for it.

Want to start a charity in an attempt to end world hunger, it can be done.

We’ve been taught to limit our ambitions. To follow a certain path that was carved out for us: finish school, get a degree that will lead us to a good job, and climb that organisational ladder so that we can earn enough money to one day get married, buy a house that we fill with a few babies and continue to work hard until 65 and then, only then can you consider yourself successful and will you deserve rest and maybe decide to live abroad. If that’s what you want for yourself then cool but if you’re still reading this then I imagine this image doesn’t fit you in some way.

F**k societies expectations of you I say! You don’t need to adhere to any of it! Not a single word of it!

This is your life and you get to design it. One of the tools I found really useful in helping me to dream big is creating a digital vision board.

Digital Vision Boards

Vision boards are great because many of us get motivated by the images and words we repeatedly see. A vision board is filled with lots of pictures and positive words that make up your dream for each category of your life. Now for our constantly on the move life, a physical board isn’t realistic but a digital board is perfect because I spend so much time on my laptop or phone that it makes sense that this would be where I chose to keep my board. Every time I look at my laptop or phone, the first image I see is my vision board and it serves as a constant reminder of what I’m working towards. Anytime, I’m feeling a little deflated or uninspired I can come back to my vision board to remind myself why I have to keep going.

Vision Boards are easy to create and you’ll find lots of ideas with a quick Google search and I’m sharing a copy of a similar board I’ve created in the past if you’d like to use it as a template for your own. It’s available on Canva which is an easy to edit platform for all your creative projects.

Feel free to use my board as you see fit. Please follow these steps so that others can also freely use my design.

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Click ‘File’ and then scroll down to ‘Make a copy’. It’s the copied version of the document that you want to edit. This makes sure that you're not editing the original I created and everyone who clicks the link will see the same version.

Step 3: It’s fully editable to you can swap the pictures using the free gallery provided by Canva or upload your own images. Change the layout and colours if you feel inclined to do so, this is your dream life so you want it to suit your desires and personality.


The next tool that worked really well for me is Goal Setting. The board is great for dreaming about the possibilities and now we need to create some actionable steps that we need to make each day/week/month that will help us to achieve our goals. I created a Goal Setting planner that my consultation clients have loved and I hope that you find it just as helpful. It’s digital so it's easy to fill out and uses cool & colour charts which can be really motivating to track your progress easier.

If you’re more of a pen and paper kind of person then you may prefer my 90 day goal setting printable.